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Lily's bad dream ISBN: 9781903012529
Gutman, Anne and Hallensleben, Georg
Published by Cat's Whiskers, 2001
Lily sees a film about a giant wolf who eats children at grandma's house, and she starts having terrible nightmares. Her dad and sister are patronizing about her fears, but friend George is understanding and offers to protect her. The solution is found on a trip to the zoo, where Lily sees a real wolf, a white one, who looks like a large dog. She names the wolf Snowy, so when she sees him in a dream again, she can call him so 'he'll know that it's ME'. Lily is an independent, articulate small rabbit, and this series of books about her and her friend George are highly realistic representations of some of the problems children face. The soft-edged, rather dark, chalk illustrations are superb.
Age: 4+