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Don't look under the bed! ISBN: 9781903012260
Glitz, Angelika and Sonnichsen, Imke
Published by Cat's Whiskers, 2000
Tom hears a rustling under his bed. He is sure it's a monster. He shouts for mum, and together they identify all the noises they can hear. Tom won't let mum leave because he is sure there is something under his bed. Brave mum gets the torch and starts pulling everything out - a mouldy yoghurt pot, old underpants, toys, and... Mum screams and pulls Tom out of bed and out of the room, piling everything she can find against the door. She has seen not a monster, but a mouse! Tom then becomes protective of mum. He will catch the mouse so she doesn't have to be afraid. A nice twist, and a good story about noises always having a logical explanation. Excellent illustrations with gnome-like people and distinct colours.
Age: 3+