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Saffy's angel ISBN: 9780340850800
McKay, Hilary
Published by Hodder, 2002
Saffron (Saffy) is the adopted daughter in a wonderfully whacky family - actually her mother's twin sister's family, her mum having died. Cadmium (Caddy), Indigo and Rose are all named after colours on their artistic parents' colour chart, but Saffy is the odd one out. In a family of children who more or less bring themselves up - dippy mum paints in her shed all day and dad lives in London all week, claiming to paint, but in reality getting away from his chaotic family - Saffy feels left out; she needs to prove that she matters as much as everyone else, and she does this with the help of her disabled friend Sarah, who is brave to the point of recdklessness, and uses her wheelchair in weird and wonderful ways. Every character is important in this book; every one is vividly alive. All the untidy, original, arty qualities of the family add up to a wistful whole, full of humour and a good deal of truth in an unlikely way. It is the other three children who finally find Saffy's angel, and in doing so, make her realise they really are her family. Excellent!
Age: 10+