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What's that noise? ISBN: 9780744580402
Edwards, Michelle, Meisel, Paul and Root, Phyllis
Published by Walker, 2002
Alex and Ben are going to bed, but in the dark and the quiet, Ben begins to hear noises - 'whoosh, aroo, hoo, hoo, hoo!' Alex, who is older, tells him to go to sleep, but Ben insists he sing him a song, and that he does so in his, Ben's, bed! Alex isn't too sure about this. Ben's bed is far away, over a floor where something could be biting or grabbing. But he gathers courage and the two boys fall asleep in Ben's bed singing about the noises. Wonderful, atmospheric pictures full of blues and greys and boys with large, fearful eyes. The noises turn out to be the 'whoosh' of the wind, the 'aroo' of a dog barking, and the 'hoo hoo hoo' of a baby owl. A stunning picture book.
Age: 3+