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Toffee's night noises ISBN: 9781853407611
Chambers, Sally
Published by Piccadilly Press, 2002
Toffee is a cuddly, stripey, marmalade cat, and he loves the night. Nothing scary about this picture book. We see Toffee watching and listening to his family do all the reassuring night-time things: locking doors, brushing teeth, turning out lights. And then out he goes through the cat flap, ready to enjoy the night and its special noises - moths humming around a light, an owl in the tree, the hum of traffic. Even an unusual noise, a dustbin overturning, is only mildly alarming, not scary. Children who don't like night noises will find huge reassurance in Toffee's calm acceptance, and even enjoyment, of them. Superb illustrations.
Age: 2+