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Monsters in the garden ISBN: 9780862645779
Brook, Christopher
Published by Andersen Press, 1996
The little boy is very much afraid of all the monsters in the garden at night. He is convinced that the noises he hears are waiting to come in and get him when he is asleep, and the only thing that helps is hugging his cat Caruso. But then Caruso disappears, and the boy is convinced the monsters have taken him. Gran sets out to help him find the cat, but though they look everywhere, he is nowhere to be seen. As night falls, the little boy forgets to be afraid as his gran shows him the animals and birds who make the noises he has been frightened of. And then Caruso makes the most scary noise of all - on the roof 'singing'. Stunning pictures, including one long fold-out of Caruso on the roof. Wonderfully reassuring.
Age: 3+