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The train who was frightened of the dark ISBN: 9780590550000
Bond, Denis and Petrone, Valeria
Published by Hippo
Each night the little train opens the doors of his shed to the moonlight because he would rather be cold than afraid. One morning he collects his passengers as usual, but when he comes to a dark tunnel, he stops. 'It's probably full of spiders and bats - or monsters or ghosts.' So he turns and goes cross country, creating havoc. Everyone is very angry, except one old lady who thinks it is fun. The passengers are late getting to town, so that evening when the little train is supposed to be making the return trip, they go home by bus or ferry, or helicopter. Only the old lady travels on the little train. The chastened train travels the ordinary route, but stops at the tunnel. The old lady has the answer: 'Well put your lights on, you silly train.' All is well, and the passengers return. At night the little train closes the door of his shed and switches his lights off and on a few times. 'There was nothing to be frightened of.'
Age: 2+