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Goodnight Lulu ISBN: 9780747564935
Bogan, Paulette
Published by Bloomsbury, 2004
Mummy Chicken tucks Lulu up in her hay bed and says goodnight. But Lulu has things on her mind. What if a bear comes in? 'Oh sweetie, there are no bears here,' says mummy. But Lulu still isn't satisfied. 'What if there IS a bear? she asks. Mummy says she'll scare him back to the forest, and Lulu is pleased. That isn't the end of the questions though. Next Lulu wants to know what happens if a tiger comes along - and then an alligator. Mummy always has the most reassuring answer. There have been two little pigs lurking in the illustrations all along, and Lulu's last question is what happens if the pigs come into the barn. Wise, all-seeing mummy picks up the two little pigs, covers them with kisses and tucks them up with Lulu, much to the satisfaction of all three. The story is told with the language of love and with lots of child-friendly repetition, and the pictures, full of warm, dark reds, blues and yellows are redolent of night and cosiness. Lovely!
Age: 2+