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Milo Mouse and the scary monster ISBN: 9780747580379
Baum, Louis and Hellard, Sue
Published by Bloomsbury, 2006
Milo is the dearest of small mice, who lives in a beautifully drawn house, where his mum dips giant soldiers in a giant egg for his breakfast and dad takes a bath on a sponge with a tooth brush to scrub himself with! The wonderful detail in these illustration is both humourous and endearing. Milo is worried, and when he is worried, he hold his tail. He keeps having dreams, bad ones, where he is being chased by a 'big scary monster'. Mum is sympathetic and suggests a 'lovely cup of warm milk'. Dad suggest fresh air and brother Jack thinks exercises might help. But nothing does. Is it the nightmares or the dark cupboard under the stairs that really frightens Milo? There's a lovely warm ending and Milo has learned to face up to his fears and to discover there's nothing to be afraid of after all. Brilliant!
Age: 3+