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And then you arrived and we became a family ISBN: 9780953183036
Hildebrandt, Anette and Kunert, Almud
Published by Zerwas Press, 2005
Lisa loves to hear the story of how she arrived in her family, and she often brings her 'life story book with a heart on the cover' for her parents to read to her. It has photos and a lock of her hair, her baby footprint, and the announcement her family sent to friends. As mum and dad tell the story, each section of it ends with 'the child we wanted was you'. They tell of going to Social Services, of their long wait, of being 'dizzy with happiness' at the news they have a little girl, of getting all the things they would need, and finally, of their great joy in collecting her. Lisa is a big girl now, but sometimes she wishes she could have been in mummy's tummy. Mummy wishes so too, but when Lisa asks about her birth mother, they explain she was young and poor and couldn't look after a baby. She loved Lisa and wanted the best life for her. Lisa decides her mum made the best decision and she's happy being adopted. She draws a picture of her birth mother to put in her life story book because she is part of the story too. Translated from the German by Reinhard Lindner, the story has joyous illustrations in warm colours showing us a happy family.
Age: 4+