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The same stuff as stars ISBN: 9780192753113
Paterson, Katherine
Published by O.U.P., 2003
Angel Morgan has to be far older and stronger than her 11 years. With a father in prison and a feckless mum, she must look after 7 year old Bernie, make sure he gets the right kind of food, and handle his difficult behaviour. But when their mother deserts them at their great grandmother's broken-down house in upstate Vermont, Angel finds herself looking after grandma too. Great grandmother Morgan is dour and resentful at being landed with two children, and Angel must cope. If it were not for the star man, a mysterious stranger who looks at the night sky with his telescope and teaches Angel about the stars, life would be unbearable. There is also Miss Liza, the elderly, crooked-back librarian in the village who provides love and understanding as well as books. Angel must learn not to blame herself for the terrible things that happen to her and her family. She is remarkably strong, the lynch-pin of her disturbed family. The characters are so alive and real that they almost walk off the page. A splendid novel, full of significance and superb writing.
Age: 11+