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Our Twitchy ISBN: 9780370325569
Gray, Kes and McQuillan, Mary
Published by The Bodley Head, 2003
Sedge and Milfoil are Twitchy's parents, but he has never really noticed that while is is a bunny, Sedge is a horse and Milfoil is a cow! When he understands that his bunny parents couldn't look after him and that Sedge and Milfoil adopted him, he sees the differences all too plainly and runs away. Sedge and Milfoil go after him, but their searches are fruitless, and when they get back to the train tunnel where they live (having tried to make Twitchy's home as much like a burrow as possible), Twitchy is there, trying to make himself look like a horse/cow. 'Please be my real mum and dad,' he says. Of course, all is well and they live happily ever after. This might be most useful for a child who is different in some dramatic ways from his adoptive parents, but the message is clear: we don't have to look alike to be loved.
Age: 3+