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Oh brother! ISBN: 9780951595015
Friday, Claire and Webb, Carrie-Louise
Published by Adoption UK, 2005
Ten year old Tom's parents are wanting to adopt another child and have requested a 3 to 6 year old, either boy or girl. Tom is at first excited, but then begins to have some doubts. We are taken through the home study and the tensions Tom feels as the day approaches when he and his parents are to meet his new brother. Billy is not what Tom expected. A seriously damaged child, he is manipulative and very difficult. Tom begins to wish that he could be taken back, but his parents are determined to persevere. Billy finally breaks down in a truly horrific and quite believable scene, and Tom learns to begin to like and bond with this sad little boy. There is hope, but we are left with the feeling that life will always be 'different' with Billy. Told by Tom in the first person, the book is particularly honest about his feelings and problems on being faced with major disruption to his life. The book is accompanied by some black and white illustrations. Available from the Adoption UK website: for £4.95 for members and £5.95 for non-members.
Age: 9+