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Fat lollipop ISBN: 9780099977407
Ure, Jean
Published by Red Fox, 1992
A girls' school story. Jo is made a member of the Laing Gang, considered an honour at Peter High; but in order to join, Jo must take Laura's (or Lol's) place. Lol, also known as 'Fat Lollipop' is a hanger-on, a grossly overweight child who never stops eating. She is unlikable; she boasts constantly, is incapable of seeing that her problems are of her own making, and is a whinger par excellence. Jo worries about replacing Lol in the gang and, because of her guilt, resolves to help Lol lose weight. Lol takes advantage of the situation and makes Jo promise to lose weight with her so she isn't dieting on her own. Jo takes this responsibility seriously and loses pounds she can ill afford. Lol, meanwhile, continues to gain, while swearing she is eating nothing. Her story is proved false when Jo happens to go for a meal to Lol's family's Italian restaurant and catches her tucking into a huge plate of spaghetti and chips. Excuses ever at the ready, Lol proves herself unable to change her ways, and Jo realises she can't fight other people's battles for them. The psychology behind the really rather unpleasant Lol rings true, and it could help a child to face up to his or her problems. Many of Lol's feeling about herself are understandable and recognisable. However, care must be exercised with this story.
Age: 10+