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Gimme five ISBN: 9781906036003
Premiership, Kid
Published by Kid Premiership
Anil is always getting sick, and now, because he has a nasty cold, he can't go to Sammi's party. Sister Anna tells him he needs to eat more fruit and vegetables. When Anil falls asleep, he dreams of a magical way to get to the party. His path follows cucumber trail to Strawberry Mountain, and he meets the Kiwi Kids, the Banana Boys, and the Sliding Sultanas among others on the way. Just about every fruit and veg comes along, and Anil finally sails across Fruit Juice Lake in a watermelon boat to find his friends on the other side. Then they all sing a song about five-a-day - which could be nicely put to simple music. The bright and simple pictures of all-singing and dancing fruit and veg should encourage the most anti-healthy-food child. There are tiny pictures of Kid Premiership characters on each page to search for, adding to the fun. Kid Premiership, and educational publisher, uses comic style illustrations, knowing the influence that comics, cartoons and computer games have on children. The book can be bought from them at (Tel: 01484 536553).
Age: 4+