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Sglod and Chips ISBN: 9781859028070
Carpenter, Suzanne and Morgan, Ruth
Published by Pont, 2000

Sglod is the watchdog at Nellie's fish and chip shop on the pier, which would be all well and good except that Sglod eats up all the chips that people drop and he is soon on his way to being a real fatty. Cariad, the snooty poodle, laughs at Sglod and he tells his troubles to his friend Blod, the seagull. Blod puts him on an exercise regime and Nellie helps him have a healthier diet. Soon he is fit and can rescue Cariad when she falls into the sea. The moral is obvious, but the characters are fun and the pictures are weirdly wonderful - lots of over-the-top humour and bright colours.
Age: 4+