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Oliver's vegetables ISBN: 9780340634790 (ppbk)
Bartlett, Alison and French, Vivian
Published by: 
  • Hodder, 1995 (ISBN: 9780340620120 (hdbk))
  • (ISBN: 9780340634790 (ppbk))
Oliver refuses to eat any vegetables but chips. Grandpa has a beautiful vegetable patch, and he makes a bargain with Oliver. Oliver must find the potatoes if he wants chips; otherwise, anything else he finds he must eat without complaining. Each day Oliver finds a new vegetable - carrots, spinach, rhubarb, cabbage, etc - and he learns that he likes them. It is only on the last day of his visit that the potatoes are found underground, and Oliver gets his chips. Spectacular illustrations.
Age: 2+