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Burger Boy ISBN: 9781842704882
Durant, Alan and Matsuoka, Mei
Published by Andersen Press, 2005
A cautionary tale for the child who gets hooked on one sort of food. Benny refuses vegetables of any kind; in fact, he will only eat burgers. One day mum's dire warnings come true and Benny turns into a burger - a walking, talking one. But the dogs who follow him only smell the meat - as do the cows who are resentful, and the boys who are hungry. Up hill and down dale runs Benny, followed by an increasing horde. When the van from the burger shop gives him a lift, he is grateful, but not for long. It seems he is to be served up in slices! Mum stops the knife descending just in time, and Benny eats veg to turn himself back into a boy. Then he goes to the other extreme..... Text and pictures alike are laugh-out-loud funny, and it is just possible that an obsessive child will be convinced of the merits of a balanced diet.
Age: 3+