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Have you fed the cat? ISBN: 9781903285855
Coxon, Michele
Published by Happy Cat, 2004
What a remarkably appropriate book for this publisher! Sam, a tabby, came to live at the Robinson's house when he was only a small kitten. Charlie and Rose loved him from the first and played lots of games with him and told him how beautiful he was. Then he grew up, and the children found other things to do. Sam discovered that the only attention he got was when he meowed for food - which he learned to do often. Without realising it, everyone in the family was feeding him, and it was only when he got too fat to get through the cat flap that they noticed. Put on two meals a day and back to getting lots of activity and attention from the children, Sam was soon fit again. A nice parallel with a child who, in seeking attention, eats too much and becomes a couch potato as a result. Beautiful pictures with lots of detail, and Sam is very much centre stage.
Age: 3+