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Alvie eats soup ISBN: 9780192725837
Collins, Ross
Published by O.U.P., 2002
Alvie's first word is 'mulligatawny' and he ONLY eats soup! His parents are worried. Will it affect his growth? His nutrition? What will be served at his wedding? He won't swap food with his school friends, and only reading recipes for soup will send him off to sleep. His little sister Delilah will eat anything (literally, from the pictures), and to make matters worse, the children's Granny Franny is a world-famous chef. When she announces a visit, the frantic parents hatch a plan to keep her from knowing about Alvie's peculiar eating habits. All is in vain, though, when Granny announces she only eats peas. She and Alvie are two of a kind! The richly comic, original illustrations are a treat, and this is laugh-aloud funny. Really aimed at over-solicitious parents, the book will appeal to the whole family, and may help parents of picky eaters put things in perspective. (I had one who ate only bananas and crackers!)
Age: 3+