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The too-tight tutu ISBN: 9780141309453
Clark, Sherryl and Wilcox, Cathy
Published by Puffin, 2000
Merry is plump - probably the sort of fat that will disappear when she is older - but nevertheless plump enough to be teased when she develops a huge desire to be a ballet dancer. She works hard at her steps and even convinces the others in her group to work too, but when the longed-for tutu becomes a reality, she must face up to the fact that her roundness means she doesn't much look like a ballet dancer. Merry's strong desire to dance helps her overcome this self-image, and she conquers her fear. One of the short 'Puffin Bites', this book with its comic-style black and white illustrations will encourage plump little girls who dream of ballet stardom.
Age: 6+