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The hefty fairy ISBN: 9780099402152
Allan, Nicholas
Published by Red Fox, 1999
The hefty fairy is shaped like an egg, and has been told by the other fairies never to fly when they are in the air because she crashes into them. The others go off each evening with 20 pence pieces to collect milk teeth from under children's pillows, but they won't allow the hefty fairy to try. 'You're far too fat for such a delicate task.' One day the hefty fairy finds a shiny 20 pence piece and decides she will find her own tooth. With many struggles and hardships, she does just that, but she loses the tooth on the way home, and the other fairies refuse to believe she has found one. It is the fairy queen who has found the tooth, and she and the hefty fairy have it as a secret - something only the two of them share. The hefty fairy understands that she is 'just as good as any other fairy'. Delicate, but humourous illustrations, some of which may need explanation.
Age: 4+