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The Great Blue Yonder ISBN: 9780330397001
Shearer, Alex
Published by Macmillan, 2002
Harry is dead - hit by a lorry while riding his bike. He finds himself in a queue, waiting to be registered by a harrassed and grumpy man with a computer. Given a leaflet, 'Other Lands - way in', he finds himself in an in-between place, a limbo, where he must stay until he decides to make his way to The Great Blue Yonder. Harry is a philosophical boy, and a great deal of this moving but humorous book has to do with his musings on life and death, human relationships and emotions. When he meets Arthur, a Victorian boy, he realises that they both have unfinished business, which is why they have not made the final decision to move on. Arthur is looking for his mother, and Harry, who has had an angry scene with his sister Eggy just before being run over, is looking for forgiveness. Both boys achieve their aims, in Harry's case by a visitation they make back to earth. Harry sees his old classmates and his family, and is both shocked and supported by what he finds. He is able to communicate with Eggy enough to be assured of her love and their mutual forgiveness, and is thereby enabled to go back to the Other Lands and ultimately to The Great Blue Yonder - the place where people go to become part of everyone and everything they have ever loved. This is a powerful novel, made more so by the undoubted humour. Great truth is here, truth that is applicable whatever you believe. Superb.
Age: 10+