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Chloe ISBN: 9781844289424
Adey, Cesca
Published by Walker, 2005
Chloe's undoubted artistic talents have recently been engaged in making rude signs for her door. At 13, she is going through a difficult patch. Adopted at 4 (and fostered before that) she has built up a dream that a glamourous mother will drive up some day to collect her. Her parents are patient, but Chloe really doesn't believe they love her - particularly when they announce they are adopting another child, Ollie (2). It doesn't help that they have just moved from Scotland to the south of England 'out in the middle of nowhere', and she has no friends. She is very dismissive of Ollie at first and refuses to countenance his presence. But gradually she takes to the sad little boy, particularly when she sees the scars on his back, inflicted by his father in one of his alcoholic rages. When she learns that her own mum was a drug addict and must cope with her shattered dream, she takes on Ollie and they become close. A terrifying encounter with Ollie's real father comes close to making the family give up on the little boy, but they come to terms with the prospect of having to deal with him, and all is set fair. Chloe's teenage angst is handled well, and her worries about her family and Ollie are very believable. A good read.
Age: 10+