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What You Need to Know About Allergies ISBN: 9781474711692
Dickman, Nancy
Published by Capstone Global Library Ltd, 2016
Easily understood with concise information about general and specific allergies, their causes, testing for them, treatments, and, finally, living with them, this book gives us many facts that are interesting and useful. We learn there are three general types of allergy: allergies that one breathes in, food allergies, and skin allergies. What causes them is covered too, as well as the fact that they often run in families. Testing for them is covered in some detail, including skin and blood. There is a section on treatments, such as antihistamines, steroids, and immunotherapy. The final chapter covers lots about learning to live with the various allergens such as having pets that don't make the allergy worse or avoiding truly dangerous ones that can cause life-threatening illness. At the end, we have a glossary, and some other book and website suggestions. Great for schools and for families too. Lots of good photos and several 'life stories' in separate boxes make for interest, and this is a good choice for both schools and families.
Age: 7+