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What's the hurry, Murray? : a child's guide to finding calm ISBN: 9781800070165
Adams, Anna and Vlitos, Josiane
Published by Summersdale, 2021
The little sausage dog, Murray, is running around full of stress and worry, and he has worked himself up into a panic attack over the visit of a new friend. When Hoots, his owl chum, comes along and sees what is happening, he asks Murray if he slept okay the night before and if he has managed to eat anything. Murray gets very excited and shouts at Hoots and explains that he can't eat or sleep because his tummy is 'rolling around' and his worrying thoughts won't let him sleep. Hoots is calmness itself and tells Murray that he has worked himself up into a 'tizzy' and needs his help. The new friend is coming that very afternoon, and Hoots says there is plenty of time to do the needed tidying. Murray is skeptical about this: 'I begin one task, and then I worry about another and everything gets worse and worse.' The first important thing is that Hoots must help Murray to calm down and then they can make a list. They try breathing exercises (Mindfulness) and Hoots gets something for Murray to eat, after which Murray begins to feel like himself again. They soon have a list of three things to do - one at a time - and Murray no longer feels overwhelmed. In fact, he's so relaxed now that he needs a nap, and it is best friend Hoots who ends up doing all the preparations! Never mind that Hoots is a tad didactic, the afternoon visit is a great success, and Murray has learned an important lesson. Jolly pictures that show clearly Murray's stress and need for help - and the resulting suggestions from Hoots - will be a good lesson for parents as well as children.
Age: 4+