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Breath By Breath : a mindfulness guide to feeling calm. ISBN: 9781445157047
Christelis, Paul and Paganelli, Elisa
Published by Franklin Watts, 2018
This simple book about mindfuless should show even quite young children how to manage stress and worries. Sam is a lad who has learned about the help it can be to breathe in and out slowly and carefully, and he starts each morning doing just that. On the way to school, he sees his friend Lenny have a fall from his bike and hurt his knee quite badly. Super Sam is soon on the spot explaining that Lenny should breathe in and out, noticing his breathing, and while this doesn't stop the pain entirely, it does help. While at school practicing with his band for the school concert, Sam notices that the singer, Selina is very nervous and full of worries. Super Sam is back on duty instantly and explains again the importance of breathing carefully and noticing how the breath feels: 'rough or smooth, shallow or deep, cool or warm'. Selina's new confidence carries her through the concert, even though she 'full of butterflies'. The concert is a great success, and they are congratulated by their head teacher. 'A breath of fresh air is always there when we need it.' A list of further readings and pages for parents at the beginning and end of the book give other breathing exercises that will be fun to do as well as useful. Lots of colourful and fun illustrations add to the information too. A great start on learning about mindfulness.
Age: 4+