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All Bodies Are Good Bodies ISBN: 9781760503932
Barkla, Charlotte and Salcedo, Erica
Published by Bright Light an imprint of Hardie Grant Children's Publishing, 2021
The little red-haired girl who tells this story just loves the different parts of her body, and in it she explains to us all just why. Hands and fingers and eyes, noses and hair and mouths, ears and arms and legs, tummies too - all come into it, and she is ecstatic about them all: 'Big feet, small feet they're all fun. Dancing legs, jumping legs, legs that run.' We see lots and lots of children doing ever so many things with their bodies, and all of it is joyous and fun. Tickling tummies comes into it, and the rhymes are full of music and merriment. These are kids that are proud of their bodies and know them to be beautiful. Multiracial and often showing children with disabilities, it ticks all the boxes in these areas. Great fun!
Age: 5+