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Topsy and Tim Move House ISBN: 9780723292586
Adamson, Gareth and Adamson, Jean
Published by Ladybird Books Ltd, 2015
The ubiquitous twins, Topsy and Tim, are moving house, and they are deciding which toys and books to keep and which to give away before they leave. Packing things into boxes, Topsy asks, 'Will our pets come with us'? 'Of course,' says Mummy. The moving men are friendly and efficient, and soon they are off to their new home, with pets along too, even though the twins are a little sad at leaving their old, now empty, house. As they arrive, their cat jumps from the car and disappears. Topsy and Tim are horrified, and everyone spends time looking. Dad finally says they must get the house in order now, but the twins don't feel like helping. Dad then has a bright idea. He drives off in the car (much to mum's perturbation) and discovers that Kitty has gone back to their old house. Peace is restored, and everyone gets busy. These books, popular for many years, are great favourites with children, and this will not be an exception. The pictures are fun, and the fact that the house move has some complications make it more realistic. Good stuff!!
Age: 4+