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Captain Toby ISBN: 9781912650743
Kitamura, Satoshi
Published by Scallywag Press, 2021
In this magical, over-the-top tale about a nightmare in a stormy, frightening night, Toby can't sleep because of the crashing and banging around him, and he suddenly finds that his house has begun to roll about, as though it is in the sea. He discovers he is now Captain Toby and has for his crew his helpful marmalade cat. They check their charts and prepare for the storm, but, then there is a huge crash, and using his binoculars, Captain Toby sees a huge octopus coming towards them with 'tentacles writhing in all directions'. This is scary indeed, but the day is saved when another ship, a submarine (another house, actually), appears on the scene and shoots the octopus with balls of knitting wool. The submarine is in fact Captain Grandpa and Chief Gunner Grandma, and they have saved Toby and his crew from certain death by octopus! It's a wonderful nightmare and a supportive one because it is grandparents who do the rescuing, and Toby and his lovely grandparents find themselves on a calm and serene sea before they dock for breakfast. Oh, and the octopus learns to knit! In true nightmare fashion, all is well in the end. The pictures are a delightful combination of dark and light, and the figures square and strong. A brilliant and unusual story with lots of panache.
Age: 4+