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Barbara Throws a Wobbler ISBN: 9781780081366
Shireen, Nadia
Published by Jonathan Cape, 2021
Barbara is having a bad mood day - a REALLY bad mood day. First she has a 'sock problem'; then there is a 'strange pea' at lunch. She steps on cracks on the path, and worst of all, she drops her ice cream in the park. At this point, she throws her Wobbler, a great big red cloud that appears over her head: 'gloopy and heavy like an angry jelly'. Her friends are alarmed and want to help, but Barbara refuses all their offers, as does the Wobbler, who talks and repeats everything Barbara says. Why does he do that?, she asks. It's simple, he explains, he is Barbara because she has made him. He grows and grows until Barbara feels she can't do anything about him. Then her clever little cat mind decides that if she made him, she can get rid of him. He agrees cheerfully, and so she squashes him down to a tiny being that finally disappears, saying, 'Don't worry...I'll be back before you know it.' On the final page we see Barbara saying to herself that surely she won't have any more wobbles today, but the Wobbler is hiding behind a bush, just waiting. This is a seriously funny book about one of life's emotions that can get out of hand, and there is a last page that pictures and explains other emotions: The Sulk, The Tizzy, The Seethe, The Huff, and The Grump. Brilliant stuff, full of wonderfully drawn animals with expressive faces.
Age: 3+