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Goodbye House, Hello House ISBN: 9781911631514
James, Ann and Wild, Margaret
Published by Allen & Unwin, 2019
A wonderfully evocative picture book about one little girl’s experience of moving house, this story with Australian-style illustrations shows her ‘last times’ of seeing things in her old home in the country, and her ‘first times’ of seeing things at her new home in the city. There is a tinge of sadness about the last times, but lots of joy in seeing her new home and the things she will be able to see and do there. The pictures, with lots and lots of strong black lines and smudgy watercolour backgrounds, are outstanding, and the messages the little girl prints on the walls of her room in both old and new homes show both the pathos and the pleasures. A very satisfactory story with a nicely positive protagonist.
Age: 3+