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A Story Like the Wind ISBN: 9780802855145
Lewis, Gill and Weaver, Jo
Published by Eerdmans Books, 2018
Eight people are afloat in a small boat in a dark and threatening sea. The motor on the boat has long since given out, and the boat itself is no more than a rubber dinghy. One young lad (Rami) clutches his violin, the only possession he has left. A family of four, two adults and two young children, huddle together. An old man hugs his small dog, and two young men, brothers, are also on the boat. They exchange names, and Rami shows them his violin and begins to play a song, a song of freedom and hope. He also tells the fable that goes with the music about a boy and a wild foal that he saves from the snow, their close relationship, and the heartbreak of their final parting. In this story, the people in the boat find they are hearing their own stories of hardship, of grief at leaving those they love, and the power of their political adversaries in their own countries. They share their stories and find comfort in that sharing. As the dawn breaks over the little boat, they feel hope in their hearts and will tell their stories to all they meet. We don’t know what happens to the eight people we have come to know, but we hope that their hope is well founded. The lyrical, poetical nature of the writing of this story is phenomenal, and the dark pictures that accompany it are outstanding. The story will not appeal to all, but the depth of feeling to those with sensitivity could be life-changing. It is a story I will not forget.
Age: 10+