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The Light in the Night ISBN: 9781471173264
Voigt, Marie
Published by Simon and Schuster, 2019
Betty loves the night because of all the magical stories that come then. Her favourite is about Cosmo, the bear, who is afraid of the dark, and Betty longs to be able to help him conquer his fear. One night when reading about him, there is a sudden ‘Pop’ and there he is at the end of her bed. She is so pleased, and begins immediately to show him all the good things about the dark, such as the fact that we need it in order to be able to see the moon and to use beautiful lights and shadows. Together, outside with Betty’s lamp, they follow a spiralling light that takes them deep into the forest. Cosmo isn’t sure about this, but Betty is delighted, and when they find a boat in a cave, she insists they go further. A problem arises when they come to a sign that says they must extinguish lights, and Cosmo thinks they should turn around. But Betty turns off the lantern, and they see the most beautiful sight of all lights all round the cave, sparkling and full of wonder. When they come out again, it is Betty who becomes fearful. She can’t remember the way home, and the spiral of light seems to have disappeared. But Cosmo remembers, and the two friends get back, singing and dancing all the way. It’s a good story about friends helping each other conquer their fears and about the beauty of light in darkness. The illustrations are magical too, the small girl and the big, white bear sharing the adventure together.
Age: 3+