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Sweep ISBN: 9781405283779
Greig, Louise and Sarda, Julia
Published by Egmont, 2018
‘Ed in a good mood is a very nice Ed. Ed in a bad mood is not.’ His bad mood has been caused by his tripping over a rake he has been using to rake autumn leaves, and this is not a small bad mood, but a ‘raging storm’, and it makes him rake even faster and more furiously. Everything in his path goes the dog, the cat, bicycles, cars, buses and lots of people. When the pile gets so enormous that Ed has to realise he has gone too far, he still can’t make himself stop. The bad mood has got control of him. He refuses to look up at the beautiful things in the world and goes on sweeping and looking at the ground until it is dark and the world is full of piles of leaves. Then something special happens. A wind appears and starts to rearrange the piles, and soon they are gone and the world is right again. A kite blows to Ed’s feet, and he is suddenly happy and able to look up and see all the beauty around him while flying his kite, and all is well. This is a wonderful parable of a story about how moods can be either destructive or the opposite, and Ed (of indeterminate age) learns an important lesson about thinking before letting his bad moods take control. The illustrations are striking, full of beautiful leaves and bizarre objects that end up in the piles, and the metallic leaves on the front cover are sure-fire interest makers. Super!
Age: 5+