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Give Peas a Chance ISBN: 9780008207441
Biddulph, Rob
Published by HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks, 2018
What a marvellous wheeze! Young dinosaur Nancy is called in from playing with her friends because she has to eat her dinner. When she discovers peas are on the menu, she's horrified: 'In truth, young Nancy isn't keen on any food that's coloured green.' As she is eating by herself with an open window nearby where she can see her friends are still playing, she hatches a plan. She praises the peas on her plate by loudly announcing how strong and fast and super smart they will make her, and one by one her chums ask to share the peas, which she graciously agrees to. Soon the peas are gone, and she asks dad if she can go out again to play. He is so pleased at how fast she has eaten that he says: 'My sweet, pea-loving dinosaur, I've got good news...there's plenty more.' Hoist with her own petard, Nancy is glum: 'Enjoy those peas. I guarantee they'll make you wiser...wait and see.' The rhymes are such fun, and the gorgeously coloured pictures full of dinosaurs, stylised trees, a bat flying a kite and all sorts of detail are a real treat. Great stuff!
Age: 4+