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My First Day ISBN: 9781910126547
Sparrow, Leilani and Taylor, Don
Published by Boxer Books, 2015
The simplest of picture books for a child starting playgroup or reception class, full of bright colours and showing all the things a child might expect to see. There is a little bear finding his peg to hang his coat, meeting a new friend, having a drink and a snack, falling on the playground and having a plaster applied, painting a picture, having lunch and hearing a story. At the end, we see him 'Grab my coat. Time to run. Tomorrow will be so much fun!' The little rhyming couplets will appeal, as will the positive message - in spite of the little accident on the playground. The honesty is refreshing, and, after all, these things can happen at school. The mixed classroom of the owl teacher, rabbits, dogs, cats and even a raccoon reflect a diverse mixture of children that should very subtly make the point about differences in our classmates. An excellent beginning to school life that will provide reassurance in abundance.