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Hugo Makes a Change ISBN: 9781911171218
Emmons, Scott and Gatti, Mauro
Published by Flying Eye Books, 2017
Hugo is a vampire! He likes only red meat and so on his night flights he eats hamburgers and 'hot dogs, a roast and a ham, a T-bone or two and a big leg of lamb.' But this diet is not good for our Hugo, and he begins to feel poorly - bloated and with no energy. He finally begins to get tired of his meat diet and wonders if there are other foods he might like. On his night flights he sees vegetables but doesn't like the look of those. It is when he finds and tries an apple that the light dawns. It's good, and if this is good, then maybe those green things he found earlier might be nice as well. He gives them all a go and finds them delicious, although he doesn't eat the garlic. (After all, he is a vampire!) Hugo is a convert to veg and fruit, and while he will continue to have some meat too, he knows he feels better on a varied diet. The rhymes and the pictures of the lovable little vampire make this a story with a moral but one that will be easily taken and enjoyed.
Age: 3+