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Angry Cookie ISBN: 9781406383089
Dockrill, Laura and Karipidou, Maria
Published by Walker Books, 2018
Okay, so our hero is a cookie, and cookies 'don't often get heard...nobody listens to me, nobody sticks around.' Except, of course, we do, because we are reading the book. And we find out that this cookie as lots of reasons for being angry. We hear he hates the recorder, which his 'flatmate' (a cactus) plays all the time, the yummy toothpaste has run out, his haircut is a disaster, and his ice cream shop has run out of his favourite vanilla sundae. Furthermore, a pigeon has tried to eat him! Not the best of days then. This funny, far out, zany book shows us in word and picture just why our friends need to stick to us and listen even when we are a 'grumpy lump, a meanie moody, a moany mongoose, a horrid humph' or an angry cookie! The story is meant to be interactive because the cookie is talking to us as the reader, and it works in inventive and interesting ways. The illustrations include lots of the cookies acquaintances - fruit and cheese and vegetables - in spite of the fact that he lives in a normal house with toys strewn around, so the complex interaction between normal and decidedly abnormal is huge fun. The moral is clear as glass whilst it is made to us in a fantastic (literally) way. Anger can be defused if we listen and learn.
Age: 5+