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My New Home ISBN: 9781447206514
Altes, Marta
Published by Macmillan Children's Books, 2015
The little racoon has just moved house, and, surrounded by lots of boxes and packages, he feels a long way from his old home and friends. 'New can be scary...and a little bit lonely.' When dad takes him to school he tells him not to worry - that new adventures can 'make loneliness disappear'. He soon discovers that friends from his old home write to him, and that makes him feel good. The pictures reflect that he is making new friends, and soon he begins to feel lucky to be where he is, even though it still feels 'new'. Lovely pictures of a somewhat worried little racoon help us to see how difficult new situations can be, but they also reflect on the change that can come about with a little time. Gentle and thoughtful, with simple sentences that should need no explanation.
Age: 4+