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Be Brave Little Penguin ISBN: 9781408338377
Andreae, Giles and Parker-Rees, Guy
Published by Orchard Books, 2017
In lovely, supportive rhymes and jolly pictures we meet Pip-Pip, the smallest penguin, living with his family and all their friends on an icy shelf next to the ocean. But Pip-Pip is afraid of swimming, and because he is frightened, he gets teased by the other young penguins, who call him Scaredy. This makes him sad and lonely, and dad doesn't help by saying it's silly for him to be frightened of water. Mum is much more sympathetic, and when he explains to her that he is afraid of the dark in the deep water and that there might be monsters who would eat him, she says, that on the other hand, 'What if in that water there are friends for you to meet? And what if it is light and warm and full of fish to eat?' Mum convinces him that he must try 'for her', and even though he is still very frightened, he manages finally to jump. Of course, he discovers he loves the sea, and not only can swim but also can fly. The wonderfully lively illustrations will be enjoyed immensely. Full of blues and greens and lots of penguins doing interesting things, they match the fun text beautifully.
Age: 4+