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You're Safe With Me (Lantana Global Picture Books) ISBN: 9781911373292
Soundar, Chitra
Published by Lantana Publishing, 2018
Part of the Lantana Global Picture Book series, this story is straight out of the East in both text and picture. 'When the moon rose high and the stars twinkled, it was bedtime for baby animals. But that night when the skies turned dark and the night grew stormy, the little ones couldn't sleep.' And here begins the gentle story of Mama Elephant explaining to the babies just why the wind, the thunder, the lightning, and the rumble of the river are nothing to be frightened of. To explain the thunder, Mama Elephant says, 'She's groaning from the weight of the rain...soon she will turn as fluffy as cotton flowers.' And Mama Elephant's continual whispered repetition of 'You're safe with me,' provides the necessary reassurance for all baby animals that they are safe and loved. The remarkable illustrations may need a little explanation, which is one reason I have set this book for age 4+. They are beautiful beyond words, full of gorgeous designs and shapes that will enthral, but I would suggest reading this before you read it with your child, because it could be confusing. One has to work to see the shapes of the baby animals amidst all the swirling colour, and anyway, it will be a joy to read, even on your own! The baby animals do have big white eyes, which helps to see where they are. Do persist - this book is worth any effort it takes.