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Lunchtime ISBN: 9781447271048
Cobb, Rebecca
Published by Macmillan Children's Books, 2014
The little girl in this fun board book isn't a picky eater, she just is too busy to want to eat, and when mum gets cross and tells her to sit at the table, she does just that. She sits and sits and sits, but without having a bite to eat. Then animals start to appear - a crocodile, a bear, and a wolf. They think her lunch looks delicious and soon are happily munching it down. But, says the little girl, 'I thought you liked eating small children.' Heavens, no, they all explain. Children taste horrible! Mum is pleased that the food has all disappeared, and the little girl gets on with her games. But what's this? Her tummy growls and growls, and when dinner comes along, she is only too glad to eat it. The animals are disappointed! Not a bit scary and great fun. The illustrations are super. A great story for little ones who let their anger at being stopped from playing mean that they miss food when they need it.
Age: 2+