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Tiny Tantrum ISBN: 9781848696778
Crowe, Caroline and Okstad, Ella
Published by Little Tiger Press, 2017
When Tiny Tantrum gets her own way, she's a happy little girl, but if you ask her to tidy up, or go to bed, or wash her hair, she has one of her tantrums: 'windows wobble, jelly shakes, and birds fall out of trees, when Mummy dares to say the words, 'Now, put your coat on please!' It's a bit frightening, therefore, when she's in the midst of a tantrum, and a 'hairy purple monster' appears. This is a friendly monster, though, who uses psychology on our Tiny, and she is soon wearing her coat and having adventures with the monster. At dinner she doesn't want the broccoli, so the next tantrum finds a greeny monster explaining that eating vegetables is better if you wiggle your bottom while doing so. In the playground, when Tiny tries to snatch a tricycle from another child, a yellow monster appears and explains about sharing. When dad says she must brush her teeth and she's busy playing with her friendly monsters and starts another tantrum, the final monster, in stripy pyjamas, appears and explains that brushing teeth can be fun: 'Brushing teeth's exciting, you don't know what you might find - some chocolate or a biscuit that got stuck and left behind.' There are some words in the book that parents might find a tad hard to use: bottom, snot, pants, but children will just giggle and look at their parents sideways. In the end, Tiny turns the tables on her four monsters and insists she is tired and wants to stop bouncing and go to bed. Tucked up with all of them, she sleeps peacefully. We are given a little song at the end that we can make up a tune to, and it could be sung whenever little Tinies threaten a tantrum! Great fun!
Age: 2+