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Bedtime for Monsters ISBN: 9780141502397
Vere, Ed
Published by Puffin, 2011
This picture book starts out making us think there may be an actual monster after us in an 'eating-you-up kind of way', but our rotund monster with pink finger and toe nails and little pink horns on his head, doesn't look all that scary. As he goes through a forest (bump bumpity bump) and through a swamp (gloop gloop schloop), through thorns and thistles (scritch scratch ouch!) and over a mountain, he thinks about all the ways he can eat you! But when his 'big empty tummy' starts up the stairs at your very own home, and you are presumably feeling quite terrified, it turns out that all he wants is a 'disgustingly big goodnight kiss!' Then it's bedtime for all monsters big and little! There's a nice little twist at the end too. It's the pictures that really make this story zing. All is darkness in the beginning with the monster making his arduous way towards his goal - YOU! But when we discover his real reason for coming, all is bright. This will be the perfect antidote for kids who really don't actually believe in monsters, but are still a little unsure. Such fun!
Age: 3+