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Daisy and Ted's Awesome Adventures ISBN: 9781909706132
Naidoo, Alex
Published by National Deaf Children's Society, 2016
When Daisy moves in next door to Ted, he is at first disappointed when she doesn't respond to his shouts of welcome over the fence. She explains she is deaf and shows him her hearing aid, and then, through telling him about all her imaginative adventures, she lets him know what she needs in order to communicate. When with noisy pirates, she and the captain use sign language; aliens with tentacles have to move the tentacles away from their mouths so she can see their lips when they talk; shouting doesn't help her hear, even when she's rescuing a handsome prince from a fierce (and very funny) dragon. Groovy Boogie Monsters who twirl a lot must not speak with their backs to her, and even when she turns broccoli into a delicious ice cream sundae, no one should talk with a mouthful. Ted finds all this remarkable, but he shows he has a good imagination too with his 'super amazing time machine'. Back they go to visit the dinosaurs who have to be reminded not to speak all at once. Soon Ted and Daisy are fast friends. This is great fun. Full of imagination and lots of really funny pictures, it's a super way for children to learn the specific needs deaf children have. Available from Amazon, good book shops and from the publisher at
Age: 5+