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Chloe Gets Cochlear Implants
Bradford, Tim
Published by National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS), 2017
Chloe has had hearing aids for a long time, but when she begins to be unable to hear the TV, or the teacher at school, or when playing with her friends, the audiologist says her hearing is getting worse and she might be better off with Cochlear Implants. Her parents have to ask lots of questions both at the hospital and of parents of other children who have had the implants. Chloe also has to have a scan of the inside of her ears and must stay 'still as a statue'. When asked how she feels about having the implants, she says 'yes', she wants them, but it is explained at the hospital that they don't work for everyone and that the sounds Chloe will hear are different from those using hearing aids. A good diagram of the inside and outside implants and how they work, and the assurance that Chloe will be able to choose the colour of the outside parts is all very reassuring, and soon Chloe and her mum are packing her bag for an overnight hospital stay. Everyone is very friendly, and she has 'medicine' to make her sleep and a bandage on her head when she wakes up. After an x-ray to check all is well, she's allowed home - where she can hear nothing at all because the 'processors' aren't on yet. There are some fun comic pictures of mum and dad miming things to communicate with her. Chloe is happy when the processors are switched on, and after some more hospital visits and time getting used to the new sounds she hears, she is able to live normally again. This pamphlet, available from The National Deaf Children's Society, Castle House, 37-45 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4LS (Tel: 020 7490 8656) will provide all the basic information needed for a child facing having the implants, and the colourful illustrations and integrated text will appeal.
Age: 5+