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We're All Wonders ISBN: 9780141386416
Palacio, R J
Published by PUFFIN, 2017
We first met Auggie in Palacio's marvelous novel 'Wonder' about a boy with a badly disfigured face and his growing knowledge of his own self worth. In this equally amazing picture book, we see Auggie's story for younger children. Auggie is very aware that he is not an 'ordinary kid'. He does all the things that ordinary children do, but when people see his face, they find him difficult to relate to. Often they are unkind and unthinking, and this hurts his feelings - as it would for all of us. When he is sad, he and his dog, Daisy don their space helmets and 'blast off' across the galaxy to Pluto, where they find old friends who are more like themselves. Then Auggie looks back to earth and sees a planet 'big enough for all kinds of people'. He is philosophical about the fact that he can't change his face, but he hopes that some day '...people can change the way they see'. We see a black boy with glasses making friendly overtures to Auggie, and there is hope, indeed, that there will be friends who understand what a 'wonder' Auggie is and who will come to know that everyone in the world is a wonder in their own way. Auggie is shown to have only one eye and not the multiple facial problems that the original Auggie had in the novel, and this wonderfully inclusive picture book shows in simple but very effective illustrations the hope that mankind will become kinder and more accepting of disability. Outstanding!
Age: 4+