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Deafness (Young Explorer: What's it Like?) ISBN: 9780431112220
Royston, Angela
Published by Heinemann Library, 2005
Aimed at KS1 and older children, this information book manages to say a great deal in detail about the subject of deafness in spite of using large, clear print and lots of photos and diagrams. Each chapter is only two pages long and the information covers such topics as: how we hear, what stops us hearing (such as wax or mucus), nerve deafness, the reasons why people can become deaf, such as a mother catching rubella during pregnancy, measles, meningitis, and very loud noises. Ways of helping people with hearing problems are hearing aids, grommets to help with glue ear, and possible surgery for nerve deafness. Tips on helping people hear by making sure they can see you and by talking clearly are covered, as well as some mechanical means of helping, such as special headphones, text telephones, and doorbells that flash. Lip reading, sign languages and sign alphabets are covered, as well as examples of each. The different ways people can enjoy sports and games, learn musical instruments and use subtitles on TV help make life normal for the deaf. A glossary, an index and some organisations are given at the end of the book, making it useful for schools.
Age: 6+