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Charley Chatty and the Wiggly Worry Worm: A story about insecurity and attention-seeking (A Therapeutic Parenting Book) ISBN: 9781785921490
Farrell, Amy, Jefferies, Rosie and Naish, Sarah
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016
What is wonderful about this series of books is that they have a dual purpose. They teach parents how to handle children with problems in a loving and non-judgemental way, and they are also good children's stories. Aimed at adopted and fostered children and their new parents, they show some of the common behavioural and physical problems that children who have suffered in the early years of their lives can exhibit. There are also pages of information for parents on using the books at the end of each story. This one is about Charley, a little girl who talks and talks and talks about nothing in particular. Her brother, sisters and parents find this behaviour difficult to deal with. Charley chats like this because she is a serious worrier and an attention seeker. If she doesn't talk all the time, the 'wiggly worry worm' in her tummy won't stay away. Mum understands there is a problem, but one day when Charley's chat has really gone on too long, mum says that her brain is too full up for any more and that she can only listen to important words now. This is very worrying for Charley, so she thinks up something important to tell her mum, and in the process makes up a long, involved story about a man in the woods who might have hurt her friend if she hadn't saved him. Mum listens carefully, and together they re-enact the story. Charley realises herself that she has embroidered a simple fact that a man had walked by the woods and she had been frightened that he might come and do them some harm. Mum's calm and understanding approach means that she can talk to her about the 'wiggly worry worm' and together they can work on the problem. It won't stop immediately, but mum will help it stop. Written by a mother who has had five adopted children, the books in the series will prove invaluable to those who must deal with children with serious background difficulties. The pictures are wonderfully simple and effective, full of grey and brown and taupe, with solid characters - very reassuring. Available from Amazon, from book shops, and from the publisher:
Age: 5+